Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Ok, just a little comment on the political situation in Canada...one of my friends, I forget who it was, summed things up pretty precisely: "at least Paul Martin's just going to take away my money, and not my human rights". The Conservatives would do better in the polls if they weren't quite so...conservative. Yeah, I know, that doesn't make any sense. But the key to governing in this country is to appear as centrist as possible. When one party's been in too long, the opposition whispers all these sweet nothings in your ear, you vote them into power, and then they don't change a single thing. The government stays the same, only the names are different. So why have we had a Liberal government since 1993? Because the Conservatives are too busy bible-thumping. They not only scare the left-wing people, they scare the centrists. The unholy union of the Alliance and the Conservatives really hasn't helped them get into office. Of course, the key is Quebec, but the Bloc Quebecois isn't going anywhere anytime soon. And if they were, they sure as hell wouldn't be reabsorbing themselves into the WASP-tastic Conservative party. Not that I really remember, having been a small child at the time, but...Mulroney's PCs weren't really perceived as being all that Jesus-loving, were they? The Conservatives split up into a western protest party and a French-speaking seperatist party, leaving an oily residue in its wake, a shell of its former self. I guess that party - which no one ever suspected would amount to anything in the near future - made a deal with the proverbial devil. Only, it was with the other side, so to speak...

I don't know if that made ANY sense, but what we have is: The corrupt Liberals, who only manage to stay in power because their opposition is:

- a regional seperatist party (BQ)
- a left-wing party that people like in theory, but people feel voting for them would be "throwing their vote away"(NDP). So people don't vote for them, and those who do don't make much of a difference. They're the angel on the shoulder of whatever government is in power (aka the Liberals).
- a party that could form a goverment, only not everyone agrees with their western Canadian/American "Republican" style. They persist on being right-wing, when if they softened up just a tich, they could carry the country...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

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All the cool kids are doing it

Ok, well, what can I say, I <3 Livejournal. But, at the same time, there's just something a smidge classier about Blogger, what can I say?

I may very well decide this isn't worth maintaining. On the other hand, I may fall madly in love with it and abandon my LJ. Who knows?

Rick Mercer's blog is hilarious! You should all go and read it, pronto!

Never say "pronto" when you're on an ATAC bus in Rome. Because one of its many meanings is "I'm ready", and trust me, someone will try to take you up on that...