Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Western girl?

I don't think I ever did mention the fact that, when I was in London over March Break, I officially accepted UWO's offer. So, I'll be heading to Ontario in the fall. That's going to be an enormous change for me, considering I'm typing this in my bedroom, which has been "lady pink" since the last time it got painted, aka when I was seven years old.

Also, my friend Chelsey has been elected (aka cakewalked-into) the position of Classics Society president. She didn't have the competition that I did, but on the other hand, I think she'll make a better president than either I or the clown that beat me would have been/has been. Anyhow, we've been working on a website for the society. We just need to build again from scratch if we want it linked to on the departmental page. Sigh.

Oh well, back to studying for my 100% Greek exam I go!

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