Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Well, I've been busy since I last updated. I've finally started my Master's at the University of Western Ontario, and so far, things are going well. I aced my French sight test, I'm TAing an intro Classics course (where I'm updating this from - I love wireless networks!), and life is, generally, good. I haven't starved yet, the neighbors aren't too noisy, and Chris and I are dealing with the seperation reasonably well, especially since I'll be going home for Thanksgiving next month.

I've gotten so many new books! My baby is a turn-of-the-century book on Greek and Latin palaeography (I'll be taking a course on it next semester). I also found book I of the Aeneid, scanned and parsed, at the library, which made me rather happy, I'm looking forward to consulting it this afternoon. I also had my first real emotional connection while translating, which, rather than laughing while translating the Cyclops or Thesmaphoriazusae, was being thrilled by the Aeneid. Yay!

I was kind of scared when I started on this voyage, but I think I've found my sea legs...

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