Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My daily workload

It's funny, no matter how much Greek I get done, I never get ahead. With Prof. M, 20-30 lines is "enough", because we really don't have much further to go (eight more pages, I think? Less?) of ο Κύκλωψ, but if I do 40-50+ lines when I have the time so that I won't have to worry when I don't, he just lets me plow ahead. "Oh, you got to 510? Well, you might as well keep going, then". Latin isn't so bad, we have a higher daily line quota (around 40), so we should be going faster, but then Ovid's lines are a lot longer than Euripides'...

It's not that I'm not capable of doing more, I'd just like a little consistency...and to be able to work ahead. That's all.

So, for today:

- do about 40 lines of ο Κύκλωψ, if I can, or more. Do some practice scansion for it, and study for the midterm.
- do the Amores poems about maids - two or three of them, they're less than 30 lines each. Study for the midterm.
- write the last of my German compositions, the one on Dr. Scott's Vorlesung on "forgiveness" in the photography of some Canadian guy in post-war, pre-reconstruction Germany. (it's not that long, or hard...I just don't want to do it). Study vocab, do worksheet on the simple past passive. Test am Montag.
- Do primary sources research on the Floralia by Friday, in other words, go to the Harriet Irving Library, and photocopy everything I can find on it. Keep in mind that I can work on Flora the goddess, and not just the festival itself.
- email people to remind them to choose their Ancient Dinner recipes. In fact, do that now...

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