Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My father finally figures it out

So I was working on the Cyclops, when my father came home. He's reading what I'm working on over my shoulder, and mutters, "You have to write down all those words?" (="Do you have to translate all of that?").

"Yeah Ba, all of them."

"Ohh, in Greece, that's called Katharevousa, and..."

"Well it's not Katharevousa, it's 5th century Attic Greek. It's by Euripides - you know, the guy who wrote "Medea"? And look how much I've done, I'm on line 510...*flips through the pages*"

"Wow, that's a lot of stuff!"

"I know...this is what I do all day! And this is just my Greek! Now do you understand why I don't have time to do everything else, like the dishes and the laundry? Although I did do those today..."

"Good, good, you should do them more often..."

So, he missed my point about constant schoolwork = no time to clean up after him, but at least now he seems to appreciate how much work I actually do. The only "Katharevousa" he knows is the word for horse - and I have to read Euripides. So the next time he calls me an idiot...maybe he'll stop to think about that for a minute...

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